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HI! My name is Donel, I'm so glad you're here!

If you’re like me, you want your home to be the best, most comfortable, beautiful place that it can be…because HOME is where we come to at the end of each day.  Don’t you want to feel the warmth, the love, the contentment and joy when you walk through that door?  

Where it all started

“Home” has always been the MOST important place in my life.

I grew up alongside 10 siblings.  My mom was a stay-at-home (AMAZING) mom, who was an interior designer at heart.  I can’t tell you how our home was decorated when we were growing up, but I sure did feel beauty, safety, joy and most of all LOVE in that home.  My dad (just as AMAZING) was a principal at an elementary school (a stone’s throw from where we are raising our boys!)  He was also a trendsetter…he invented the term “color-pop”, and I absolutely inherited his sense of color!



I started my career over 25 years ago
when I was 5! 🙂

I majored in Interior Design in college before working in retail/commercial visual merchandising and store design. I spent those many years designing windows, store merchandising, creating visual merchandising directives for many high end companies.  

After taking some special time off to raise our two boys with my husband, I am back at it with Interiors by Donel.   

My services include (but are not limited to!): in-home consultations, paint consultation, window treatment and flooring consultation, renovation consultations and accessory and wall hanging consultations.  

Also, I help sellers and realtors with Home Staging Services such as in-home staging consultations, “open house” preparation staging, or staging alongside the photographer to ensure your online photos (i.e., your “first” showing) get buyer in the door for their “second” showing.

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I am aware that the world is so uncertain right now……the one thing I have the most control of is how my family “feels” in our home.  And when the time comes again, how our guests, feel in our home.  It is EXTREMELY important that each room brings a warm, safe, fun, loved and calm feeling (okay with my use of color, maybe a lively calm!!)  I’m blessed with talent to evoke as MUCH emotion, comfort and JOY in our home as possible. Am I saying that there is pure joy in my house at all times, no…….we have two teenage boys, remember!! I am confident my family “feels” all of this, just as I and my siblings did growing up.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to read about my story (I have lots of them!) 

If you find yourself needing help from an interior designer who is passionate about bringing your sense of HOME to life, please contact me.  



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